The Booty Babe Soul Care Guide

We believe that you can't look good on the outside, unless you feel good on the inside.  This is our guide on how to take care of your soul this valentines day (and everyday!)

1. Switch off from technology and log onto life!

Do you need a 'technology detox'?  We hear you!  While it may be difficult to completely switch off for a full week (or even a day!), there are benefits to switching off for even an hour including:

1. Giving your brain a break from information overload which has been linked to stress.
2. Switching off makes time feel slower, instead of the constant feeling we are racing against the clock.
3. Having in depth conversations with loved ones, without being distracted by technology.
4. You'll notice so much more when you look up at the world, instead of having your face down in your phone.

2. Remember what makes you happy

Remember when you were a kid and you could spend hours playing with a favourite toy, doing arts and craft, spending time with your best friend, playing dress up, dancing, riding your bike, hanging at the beach (our fave!) or just using your imagination?  Everything was so simple.  Your inner child knows what's up and is pretty good at reminding you just what makes you happy - it's normally always the simple things in life!  If you need to be reminded of what it is that makes you happy, take trip down memory lane, write a list and DO THEM! You’ll be surprised how simple it is to do something you love.

3. Meditate

Yes...we know everyone says to do this, but we're all about doing it the easy way cos we know mediation isn't easy...but it can be.  We're big fans of mediation apps and our two favourites are:

Simply Being - this little baby is guaranteed to put us to sleep 99% of the time!  Just select the amount of time you would like to meditate (we recommend starting off small and building up to 30 minutes) and the background music or nature sounds and you'll be blissed out in no time!

Buddhify - this is a paid app with oh so many options, even a 'travelling' section to allow you to connect with stillness in a busy place.  It has made our daily commute a much more pleasant experience!  Other options include walking in the city, waking up, work break and eating meditations to ensure you are remaining fully in the moment...definitely worth it booty babes!