Rose Gold French Manicure

We love anything with a bit of bling and this little rose gold French manicure is by far our favourite!  If you've got #madskills, follow the instructions below...otherwise book into your local beauty salon for a bit of a pamper!  Let us know how you go!

Base work:
If you treat your nails good from the base up, the polish will last a whole lot longer and give you a better finish. 

Step 1: Trim your nails
Start by trimming your nails to the desired length. Make sure all of them are even. We find the perfect length for French manicures is when the white part of your nail is about 1/2 centimetre - anything shorter and this finish can make your hands look stumpy, anything longer and you can tend to look a bit witchy!
Step 2: Shape your nails
Figure out the type of shape you’d like (we prefer slightly rounded/square). Then grab a nail file and get to work.
Step 3: Soak your cuticles
Dip your hands in a bowl of warm water with a drop or two of oil and lavender (for an extra relaxing pamper experience) and let them soak for a minute or two. Then take a cuticle pusher (or orangewood stick) and gently push your cuticles back. If you have any excess skin, cute away with a cuticle clipper - just be careful not to cut too close.
Step 4: Buff and prep for polish
Now, before you apply your first coat of polish, buff the top of your nails to prepare them for your nail polish. 

The main event:
Now your nails are primed for perfection it's time to move onto the fun part!

Step 5: Paint on your base coat
You’re all ready for your base coat now. Paint on your base coat and allow to dry.

Step 6: Paint on your first coat of colour
For this look, we have two favourites (depending on our mood!) If you prefer a more stark white, go with the Essie colour 'Blanc' (or your favourite whitest white polish).  If you want something equally as flawless, but slightly softer, try the Essie colour 'Marshmallow' - this literally looks like marshmallows!  Allow to dry before applying your second coat.

Step 7: How skilled are you?
Ok, so depending on your level of skill and how stable your hands are, you can either choose to pain a thin line across the top of your nails after your colour coat has dried OR you made need to wait a few hours before applying a strip of tape across your nails to serve as your guide to apply the finishing touch!  Just be sure your colour coat is DRY - we have had a few disappointing times when we have created a perfect line only to be disappointed when we remove the tape and remove some of the polish!  Our go to colour for the tip is the Essie 'Penny Talk' colour.

Step 8: Set, dry and admire!
Allow the tips to dry and then paint on a top coat to seal your awesome work in!  If dry spritz' are your thing, give your nails a spray and then admire your gorgeous nails!