Our fave fake tans

Is that Summer tan you worked so hard for fading already?  We've got you covered...

#5 - James Read Tan - Instant Bronzing Mist

What it does: Sprays on feather light to give you an instant golden tan that continues to develop to it's full potential for up to 5 hours.  You can pick it up here.
How long it lasts: About 5 days.
Best for: Babes wanting that instant glow that won't wash off like some other instant tanners.
Why we love it: While it may be slightly pricier than some other fake tans, this beauty has the added benefit of being formulated with Aloe Vera to hydrate, Vitamin E to help protect against UV damage and Co Enzyme Q10 to help to reduce the signs of wrinkles. 

#4 - Endota Spa Lilly Pilly and Lime Gradual Tanner

What it does: This certified organic gradual tanning lotion moisturises skin while building a natural-looking, sun- kissed tan every day.
How long it lasts: About 5-7 days.
Best for: Those lighter skinned babes who like to control the intensity of their tan.  
Why we love it: Because it's enriched with hydrating aloe vera and shea butter and is certified organic!  Plus you'll need to go into one of their stores to purchase, so you might as well book in for a massage while you're there!  (or you can purchase it here)

#3 - The Bronzer - Self Tan
What it does: Everytime we wear this tanner, we get the best compliments!  People want to know where in the world we caught this summer glow from.  You can pick it up here.
How long it lasts: This creamy, hydrating formula lasts up to seven days.
Best for: Easy, no fuss beautiful colour.
Why we love it: Aside from the beautiful colour, it is 100% paraben and fragrance-free, and is enriched with the natural goodness of aloe vera, so even the most sensitive skin can be instantly tanned without any complications.

#2 - St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse
What it does: Oil-free, this self-adjusting mousse is the perfect solution for the entire body, including the neck and face. The formula contians Aloe Vera, which with help to give you a natural looking tan that will last for an extended period of time. The forumla dries instantly and utilises our Aromaguard technology that helps reduce that (sometimes nasty) fake tan smell.
How long it lasts: Over 7 days when it is applied correctly.
Best for: Those who are serious about their fake tan!
Why we love it: You can't beat a classic!  We have been fans of this tan for years, thanks to it's stunning colour and easy application.  You can purchase it here.

#1 - Eco Tan Invisible Tan
What it does: Gives you a golden tan, without the use of nasty chemicals.  This little gem is designed by an Aussie mum, Sonya Driver, who was 
How long it lasts: One application will normally last up to about 5 days.  We like to give it a little boost and add a little every two days after our initial application.  As there is no nasty smell, we find that applying a few days a week is just like applying moisturizer before bed.
Best for: Anyone and everyone who is searching for a bronze glow, without the risk of nasty additives.
Why we love it: If you haven't heard of Eco Tan - you need to try it!  This is our #1 fave, and with a list of awards including Nature and Health natural beauty awards of 2017, we aren't the only ones who think so.  You can get it at health food shops or you can purchase it through their website here.

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