Chocolate anyone...?

'You don't make friends with salad' - no truer words have been spoken!  What you do make friends with, is CHOCOLATE.  Here are our favourites for a very satisfying easter....let us know what you think of our suggestions or what your faves are!
Koko Black
Literally any chocolate you pick up from this store is going to satisfy any chocolate craving and at Easter time they amp up the chocolatey amazingness by adding gems like the Caramalised Coconut Egg and the deliciously moorish Hot Cross bites (we dare you to stop at one!)
You'd have to expect that a store named Cacao is definitely going to bring the goods when it comes to chocolate season (aka Easter).  Our pick is the hand painted Chick Flicks or the Half Dozen that comes packed in an egg carton - perfect as a pressie that you'll be able to share ;)
Our life motto is 'it isn't a party without watermelon' and at Easter time, our motto changes to 'it isn't Easter without chocolate from Haighs'.  This place is the holy grail for all chocolate lovers, supplying high quality, melt in your mouth, deliciously creamy goodness all year round.  At Easter, our choice (for ourselves) is the Dark Chocolate Honeycomb egg.  If you have a real chocolate fanatic in your life, you may want to butter them up big time with the Milk Chocolate assortment hamper.  If you're a purest at heart, you can't go past the Milk Chocolate egg  ...classic!
Enjoy bootybabes!