A quick word with the creator of Bootylicious Bathers

Getting to know the face behind the beautiful brand!  Meet Sonia - aka Miss Bootylicious Bathers!

What inspired you to start your own swimwear label?
Being frustrated with buying bikinis for way too long and realising that so many other girls were having the same frustrations. If we did find great fitting bikinis then we had to pay a high price for it. I wanted to create fun, fashionable, high quality swimwear for under $100.

What was your mission when you started out?

For women to feel confident and comfortable in their bikini

We know nothing good happens overnight...when was the idea for Bootylicious Bathers born?
I had the dream about 4 years ago, but only began solidly working on it for the past 18 months.

Where did the name 'Bootylicious Bathers' come from?

I just love the word “Bootylicious” it’s a fun word and don’t we all want to shake it a little like the queen B herself.

What have you learnt along the way?

Problem solving!

What is your fave travel destination?
So many, but if I had choose one I’d have to say Southern Italy ( Puglia) It’s untouched true to itself. The beaches are amazing, women have a contagious confidence, perfect coffee and Pizza to die for. Ticks all my boxes.

Which current season bikinis are your fave and why?

Such a tough questions as I have a different fave on a daily basis. My top 3 at the moment are the Amelia, The Charlie and The Ashley. The Amelia fits so snug, it’s my pair for the beach. The Charlie is so vibrant and being a bralette cut its super comfy for the whole day. This is my chose when I know I’m heading out after a day at the pools, The green and gold looks gorgeous through caftan. The Ashley is my go to when laying on the banana lounge, Sunscreen on and straps off.

What's ahead for Bootylicious Bathers?  
Definitely expanding the range, we are working on adding a tankini to the range, beach bags, Caftans, and launching a board short line is on the radar.  But most more important is what our customers want to see us doing in the future, so please email us any ideas or styles of bikinis that you love. We love hearing from you!

Is there any advice you’d give anyone wanting to start their own business?
Never give up on your dream until it becomes your reality. Believe in yourself and surround yourself with positive people. But most importantly have fun!